Message from the Consul-General, Mr. Seiji Baba

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Welcome to the Consulate-General of Japan at Chennai Home Page.
The year of 2017 in Japanese fiscal year comes to an end. Graduation ceremony of the Japanese School Educational Trust of Chennai has been conducted on March 18 and 8 students graduated from Elementary School and 6 students from Junior High School.
In this season, some members of the Japanese Association in Chennai either of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Chennai have completed their business and back to Japan. At the same time a number of new comers will arrive in Chennai.
I wish to express my appreciation for cooperation with my office extended by people departed and I assure for those new comers that my office is ready to cooperate with them all the time in order to get themselves familiar with their new life in Chennai as earliest possible time. Please be advised to consult with my office anything of your difficulties without any hesitation.
Allow me please to touch upon my personal affairs. I, myself, conclude my mission here in Chennai and back to Japan in this March. Since my arrival in March 2015, there were a number of events, for example the flood in December 2015, demonetisation in November 2016 and others. Having said that however, I may say that the overall relation between Japan and Southern Indian states has favourably developed especially in economic sector.
Upon conclusion of my 3 years mission, I vote my thanks to Japanese residents for their support and cooperation extended to my office. I humbly request those Japanese in Southern Indian states to promote further tight cooperation with the Consulate – General of Japan at Chennai. I wish all the best to all Japanese residents here in Southern Indian states.  
                                                                                                                                            March  2018                                                                      
                                                                                                                Seiji Baba                              
                                                Consul General of Japan at Chennai