Visa Information in General

(1) General Information about Japanese Visa System  
(2) Introduction of Accepting Visa Application through Visa Processing Agency  
(3) Download Visa Application Form  
(4) Who can enter Japan
(5) Visa Fees (Payment in Cash Only)

Applied between 01 April 2020 ~ 31 March 2021 (Indian Nationals)
Single / Multiple Entry Visa Rs. 550/-
Transit Entry Visa Rs. 50/-

(6) Processing Time 
  • Minimum 4 working days once visa application is accepted at visa counter of Consulate-General of Japan in Chennai.
  • For those who apply at visa processing agencies from other cities, it may take longer processing time.
(7) Where to apply 
Visa Processing Agency as in (2) above. Consulate-General of Japan in Chennai also accepts visa applications submitted by those who are the residents of our jurisdiction in India, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala and Puducherry. 
(8) Enquiries
JAPAN VISA INFORMATION HOTLINE: 0008004430037 (24hours, 7days a week, English Only)


Visa Information particularly for Indian Nationals

(1) Single Entry Visa for Temporary Visitors  
(2) Application Procedures for Multiple Visa for Indian Nationals
(3)  Relaxation of Visa Requirement for Indian Students (Simplification of Visa Application Procedure)