Message from Consul General


New Year Greetings 2021

  At the beginning of year 2021, I would like to extend my best wishes for your safety, good health and happiness.
Last year 2020 has been a very difficult year facing the spread of Covid19. Life and activities of Japanese people and Japanese companies in South India were also constrained and limited very much, though Consulate-General of Japan could keep open and operational through the year.
I am sure the year 2021 will turn out to be safer, better, peaceful and prosperous.
We, all the staff of the Consulate-General of Japan in Chennai will do our best extending our services and supports to Japanese nationals and companies in South India as well as to those who are engaging in and promoting good relations between Japan and India.
In this effort, your valuable advice and cooperation are highly appreciated. Let's work together for further strengthening of Japan-India relations and for the safer, better peaceful and prosperous world.
January 2021
TAGA Masayuki
Consul-general of Japan

Arrival Greeting

Masayuki Taga Consul General of Japan in Chennai
Welcome to the homepage of the Consulate- General of Japan in Chennai.
I am TAGA Masayuki, newly assigned Consul-General of Japan in Chennai. I moved from Kolkata where I served three and half year as Consul-General. I served at the Embassy of Japan in New Delhi twice before. Thus my previous assignments has given me opportunities to have some idea about India. However, I feel strongly that India is far and more diverse country and each state has uniqueness in many ways, so still lot of things I need to learn. The rich culture of South India can be truly experienced by participating in its festivals, savouring its cuisine, visiting sites of  architectural heritage and natural beauty, and most importantly, knowing the people live there who are fully steeped into their traditions and beliefs. I look forward to meeting people, experiencing the rich culture and leaning more of south India.
Japan and India are enjoying excellent relations as “Special Strategic and Global Partner” and political, security, economic and cultural relations between our two countries and our cooperations in various areas are quite deepening and widening. I am happy to note that the number of Japanese companies investing and doing business, especially in south India have increased many folds. These Japanese companies are contributing not only to “make in India” and development of the area but also to binding ties between the peoples of Japan and India. I am also encouraged to know that there are increasing number of people studying Japanese language and trying to understand about Japan more.
I would like to do my best effort to ensure the safety of Japanese national staying and visiting south India, to increase economic cooperation, cultural and intellectual relations and people-to-people exchanges, and extend my full support to those who are engaging in this regard. I hope I can have your kind understanding, support and cooperation in our efforts to further strengthening our friendship and cooperative relations.  
Now the entire world is facing a challenge and difficult time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We all should stand united and determined to face the situation with perseverance and courage by staying safe.
Thank you,
TAGA Masayuki
Consul – General of Japan in Chennai