Consul-General's Commendations for 2022

3 recipients
Mr. Leon
On November 30th, Mr. TAGA Masayuki, Consul-General of Japan in Chennai presented the following three recipients the Consul-General’s Commendations.
                    Mr.T.P. Imbichammad
                    President, Indo-Japan Chamber of Commerce & Industry
                    Mr.P. Viswanathan
                    Kancheepuram Nippon Chamber of Commerce & Industry
                    Mr. Chellappa Srirram
                    Vice-President, ABK-AOTS Dosokai, Tamilnadu Centre
They are commended in recognition of their distinguished service in contributing to deepening the mutual understanding and friendship between Japan and India. They have played a vital role as a head or an executive of friendship organizations as well as their personal capacities.

In the Commendation ceremony at the Consul-General’s official residence, Consul-General praised the achievements of these three recipients, expressed his deepest respect, and hope that they would continue to play an important role in further strengthening Japan-India relations. 
Prior to this award, on November 11th, Mr. TAGA Masayuki, Consul-General presented the Commendation to Mr. Leon Mohanraj, Chairman, AOTS Alumni Association, Trivandrum Centre, Kerala.